By William Owens 
Dangerous wonder is calling me
Away from my complacency
From the drudgery of doing the nothingness
Of the life that I think I see
That I want
That I feel
A life of mimicking the crowd
Prisoners of a matrix
Illusion created by fear driven anxiety
Contriving a false narrative about me
To arrest
Make void
My destiny


Dangerous wonder is calling me
Into the sphere of the unknown
Yet more real than eye can see
Spiritual realms
Angelic host
Vision imparted
Where faith rules
And children dream and fly
To places unknown
To the natural mind
Not see by eye…. of flesh


I’ve gotten lost
In the shuffle of a life of a lie
Pursing the goal of living
Eating and dressing
Filled with the temporal
Existing outwardly
Inwardly I have died
Lost the vision of my childhood
I no longer thrive
Press for the prize
I simply master existing
Not being alive


Dangerous wonder is calling me
No loud voice demanding my attention
Threatening for my affection
Twisting my brain with insane images of condemnation


It be a soft voice deep within my true self
Reminding me of dreams, visions and careless abandonment
To a higher place of purpose
A fearlessness
Carefree glee
Cape on my back
I’m going to fly…. High


Taking rides in realms unseen by mortal eye
More real
Than country tis of thee
Beyond the zip code where I live
This chain
The trap
This lie


The grip of society on my brain, taking me prisoner with chain
Creating pain within my soul
Has stolen my why…
I am lost and know it not
Successful at what?
Possessed by possessions
No longer dreaming
Just leaning on props.. made of wood, stubble and hay
All soon to whither away
Be blown by the winds of change
Less we embrace the dangerous wonder
Given by God our truest friend


A journey beyond the pale, stale temporal sphere

Into a world beyond the gaze of eye
Only seen by children at heart
Running through fields of dreams
Laughing with joy unfeigned
Daringly embracing the call
Rising above it all
To fly high
Past the sky
With cape on tight
In childlike faith
Taking up the fight
Of dangerous wonder

No shame No fear
No regret or retreat
only magnificent delight
As I answer God’s call that has called me
That is calling me
That will call me throughout my life.
In and through His Son Jesus the Risen Christ!