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Terry William and his daughter Rachel meet up every Sunday for coffee to share and simply connect.  Rachel says it’s her favorite day of the week.




Nehemiah Global Foundation is a Christian Ministry, that was founded in 2009. Nehemiah Global Foundation is an IRS approved 501(c) (3) non-profit tax exempt organization. Since it’s founding, Nehemiah Global Foundation has supported hundreds of thousand of families per year, through its Regional Food Bank operations in the states of Nevada and Colorado. In 2014 Nehemiah Global added programing to support Children, Youth, and Family, through it’s Human Services Division.  Nehemiah Global became by the State of Colorado Department of Human Services. Nehemiah is currently developing residential child care facilities for children that that need a higher level of care in the foster care system.  As a community based services provider we provide services for residential management, behavioral health, and other Continuum of Care services, that are all focused on improving the lives of children and their families.

Terry Williams
Terry Williams

Mr. Williams is recognized by many as a “Christian Business Leader” with a global prospective. Mr.Williams has traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia to places such as China, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, and recently, the Middle Eastern countries of Jordan, Israel and Dubai. Professionally, Mr. Williams is the CEO/CLO of Adorian Corporation, a learning and development firm which provides talent management, human resources, organizational development, and other strategic professional business services, to both corporate and global organizations. Prior to the founding of Nehemiah Global Foundation, Mr.Williams spent the past 30 years as a business owner or major contributor in the following industries: financial services, telecommunications, and cable television. Mr. Williams has been married to his wife Linda, for 32 years, and has two children: Chris, age 29, and Rachel, age 25. Mr. Williams’ hobbies include global travel, reading, exercising, jazz concerts, and quality time with his family and friends.

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