Peggy Littleton County Commisioner
Peggy Littleton County Commisioner

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Peg Littleton was first elected to public office as a representative to the State Board of Education from the 5th Congressional District. In 2004 she garnered 178,561 votes, earning 62 percent of votes cast in an election with a 90 percent turnout. Peg served seven years on the board. In 2010 and again in 2014 she was elected, by wide margins of more than 60 percent of votes cast, as the Colorado Springs commissioner on the Board of El Paso County Commissioners. Serving the state of Colorado as a county commissioner, Peg represents the most populous county in Colorado with over 665,000 residents.


Coloradans are pioneers — those who believe in independence, strength and innovation. These are the traits that will propel Colorado to success now and for future generations.

We are a people who have faced mountains and overcome them. Floods, fire and ravaging winds have put us to the test, but we have only grown stronger. Our heritage and historic faith in God has formed in us the fabric of unity, caring and compassion. We are a people of hope.

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