About Us

Christian Life News is authentic media fueled by passionate journalism through the venues of print, online, video, radio and digital.  Authenticity starts with God and flows through people. When we receive God’s unconditional love, through His Son Jesus, we begin to discover our authentic voice. That is why Christian Life News exist.

We are business people, writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs with a dream and a prayer and assurance that God is with us. He manifest Himself through us and we share that with others.  When that happens; it’s called authentic.  You cannot buy it, manipulate it or control it.

With a biblically based perspective, Christian Life News will serve up information that you will find beneficial as you make important decisions in life; participate in your community; to know about events you want to attend; and to cover what God is doing in our city and region.

Christian Life News is not about religion; it’s about a relationship with God that gives you an understanding of His mind and sharing it with others through effective, yet compassionate journalism, without compromising the authenticity of the Holy Scriptures.

Christian Life News is founded on the Word of God. It is a powerful, positive, controversial and eye-opening newspaper, both in print and online, that delves deep into the issues behind the issues. We take the extra effort to expose the very essence of why things are the way they are, and what is required to bring healing and change within the Body of Christ.

Christian Life News shares the values of the Christian faith to everyone, and provides a venue for those who share our faith and even for those who don’t. We are a part of the community not the whole community.  We are a platform to communicate our faith and the ideas and perspective of others.

We also provide exposure for testimonies and posts that are relevant to Christian events that are taking place throughout the region.