Keeper-of-Me-CoverLynn Schriner newest book, The Keeper of Me, will be hitting bookstores everywhere on December 15th, 2015. The Keeper of Me is a compelling memoir, focused on the story of Lynn Schriner and her God, where her voice of gratitude rises from a sea of pain.

Lynn’s life is an unbelievable tale of loss, grief, heartache, and joyful intimacy. She’s survived 7 car accidents, a lightning strike, pesticide and herbicide poisoning, beat cancer twice, mourned the loss of a childhood friend killed in 9-11, and the object of a stalkers hate.

Even so, Lynn has risen from the ashes of her suffering to make something incredibly good. She is the Founder of Damascus Ministries, constructing water wells for orphaned children in Africa.

On the creative side, as a Singer-Songwriter, Lynn was named Folk Artist of the year 2013 by the Independent Country Music Association. She is published in the Writer’s Digest Competition for short, short stories and has been featured in major newspapers such as The Denver Post.

Lynn & puppies 11-12-2015Lynn’s writing hits the soul. Sometimes tough, always giving the reader something to ponder, she can make you laugh and cry, and give the reader much to ponder. Reading words that rip into devastating and irreversible situations, so beautifully written, is a must-read for  everyone.

Of Lynn Schriner we can say, “It takes pressure to make a diamond.”

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