I love radio.

I love to communicate with improv, ideas and poetry that all woven together with the inspiration of God empowering me to bring forth truth!

I’m truly excited about the start of Christian Life Talk which is an added media platform for the Christian Life News brand in Tyler, TX. If you are in search for relevance and want to be empowered to do more for your life and the life of others around you, then Christian Life Talk will have meaning and make a difference for you in a thoughtful way. I’ll be on the air every Sunday night from 8-10PM. The conversation will be intense, real, engaging, entertaining and packed with heartfelt discussion!

It is time that we, who are created in the image of God and put faith in Jesus Christ, resist the fear that would seek to silence our voice and never apologize for the truth, but rather discover how well we can demonstrate it with acts of surpassing love to all mankind.

I look forward to the conversation. Join me!


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