The mission of Crossover Network is two-fold: to provide a forum for achievement-oriented business and nonprofit leaders to build a unique network of like-minded Christians and to provide forum attendees with proven, timeless equipping for fruitful, real-world impact.

kevin_millerKevin Miller currently serves as Distinguished Professor of Business and Leadership in the School of Business at Colorado Christian University. He is the co-founder of a web-based services firm and the founder and president of Whitestone Miller, Inc., a venture consulting firm. Through WMI, Miller has served Fortune 500 firms and privately held companies, with special focus on organizations in transition, including start-ups and turnarounds.

In the 1990s, Miller served first as the founding Dean and then as Distinguished Professor in the School of Business and Leadership at Colorado Christian University.

Prior to that, Miller served in key executive capacities for organizations in transition in industry sectors such as insurance, real estate, and higher education. Miller began his career at Ernst & Young in Dallas, Texas, primarily serving Fortune 500 clients in manufacturing, finance, and defense.

Miller is the co-founder and President of Whitestone Leadership Forum, a non-profit focused on Christian education and outreach. Miller is also the co-founder and presenter for Vanguard Roundtable, a discussion group for Christians focused on public policy and politics. He is a Fellow of the Centennial Institute, a public policy think tank, and author of the book Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally – or Socialism. Miller also served in on-air personality roles for the radio programs Executive Notebook and Go Beyond.

Kevin Miller served as Board Chair for COMPA/FoodWorks, a ministry for vocational training, life skills development, and food provision in Denver, Colorado, and served his church homes over the years in various capacities ranging from missions leader to capital campaign steering committee member to orchestra musician to teacher.

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