Travelling through Germany from one meeting to another, my driver decided to stop to allow me time to see the River Rhine. We walked down to where there seemed to be a tremendous noise rising from large waves where waves splashed against each other, the spray of which soaked those nearby.

One viewing point along the river a small shelter was built which had three panes of glass set within facing the river. The driver then asked me to look through each one. I looked through the green pane of glass at the river. The river showed itself to be green. I then looked through the blue pane and the water seemed now to be blue. And the same with the third coloured pane.

It was then God spoke into my heart and said, “You must remove any colour from your heart to look clearly through the eyes of the Spirit!” Then I realised as long as I was to look through coloured glass the water would show itself as that colour. But removing the colour glass the water showed itself to be transparent. As long as colour is in any of our hearts we will judge people based on the colour we look through. But removing colour we see through the eyes of the Spirit where judgement belongs only to one – God and not us. Within an hour I was about to see if my heart was coloured or transparent.


Arriving in the midst of Berlin, I was taken through a side entrance of a church building and led into a side room where I was waiting to be called. Based on what God was leading me to say, it was going to be a challenging message, one that would test – Did I fear God, or man that would sit in front of me?

Being led out from the side room and across the front of the gathering, the lights were dimed as the congregation finished singing their last worship song. The senior pastor introduced me and called me forward. It was only at that time did the lights brighten. When I turned around to face the people, the building was filled with several hundred people with skinheads, leather jackets, tattoos, piercing etc. In a split moment of time I did think, “If these lights were to dim now, I’ll be out of here in a heartbeat.” Again God brought to my remembrance the River Rhine where I had just come from and because of this I decided to step into the Anointing (Transparency) and speak what God had given!”

This decision brought revelation (See my book  ‘A Bride Prepared for the Master’ for more insight into this story) to the point that my understanding of how God saw people had changed me. I went from judging the outward (what the natural sees) to living through the eyes of the Spirit – TRANSPARENCY – Nothing to hide!

By the time the gathering came near the end nearly six hundred people were touched by a manifestation of God’s presence, surrendering their lives to Jesus – what a night! Not only were souls saved, but my soul was also cleansed from judging.

We must remove the colours of golden calfs of religion… for instance our trust in Protestantism, Catholicism, black or white, denomination, etc each one creating its own unique colour that we have been trained to look through. Remember, “It was never a Protestant or Catholic that hung on the Cross, it was God’s own Son!”

When judgement is gone, only then will we see through the eyes of transparency, as God sees people.

Let us remove the coloured glass of our heart and run without hesitating, jumping into God’s love knowing if Jesus did not come to judge then neither should we.

Live in the Anointing and start seeing people as God sees them!