Lori Vafiades – Really Happy Artist


There is fine art…and then there is fine art! One touches your eyes – the other your heart. Lori Vafiades’ creations touch the heart first. A look at her happy colors, whimsical paintings and gift pieces and you know just the place you want – need – to display them.

Some art complements a room. Other art changes an atmosphere. Lori’s does both. There is a breath of LorivSpring on each piece, and a touch from her Papa God’s own brush through her beloved tools. Lori is a bubbly sort, and funny. Much of her art reflects that joy. Her focus right now is acrylic and collage, and she refers to herself as a “water media / mixed media artist.” She creates from her studio in her Colorado Springs home.

Her featured piece on our website is titled “Big Love.” “I look for simple symbols for large concepts,” she muses, adding “I love to take vintage papers and ephemera I have collected in my travels and combine them to create something new that already has history.”

Some of Lori’s media includes treasures she has brought home from mission trips where she has taught arts in such places as India, South Africa, Israel and Europe. For example, East Indian papers combine with  sewing patterns, ancient dictionary pages, vintage sheet music, and even a Dickens book from the 1800s. “I am giving these things new life in my paintings,” she notes. “Each of my originals is carefully crafted to create what my customers have named “really happy art.”

Find out more about Lori, classes she offers, and where to buy her art at www.LoriVafiadesStudios.com

And if you are on Facebook, join the “You Call Me Community,” where you’ll see more art, combined with inspirational words from Lori and her group of artist friends.