We’ve all seen them; memorial road signs that stir up emotions and cause one to ponder.

They admonish to “Drive Safely” or “Drive Sober” and then name someone to be remembered.  Some are bare, cold metal signs, while others are carefully adorned with crosses, flowers (plastic and real), or stuffed animals.

An exceptional memorial sign stands by a road close to my home.  After years of driving past it, for some reason, I recently looked at it more closely.  The flowers on this sign aren’t faded and worn; they’re fresh and bright as if the loss had just occurred.  Someone has been maintaining that sign diligently for years.

This realization opened up a floodgate of thoughts for me.  I thought about how loved that person must have been to still preoccupy someone’s life so much.  I thought how sad it was that person wasn’t able to move on.  I wondered why some people want to erect memorial road signs while others never give it a thought. I had legal questions too.  Who can have one?  How much do they cost?  How big can they be?  How long can they stand?  I wanted to know.

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