Last week, a packed room in the basement of a local cathedral in downtown Denver provided the place for New Testament type miracles. There weren’t any healing evangelists or pastors present. It was the hand of God moving through a contract laborer, a housecleaner and a retail clerk; just ordinary people accomplishing extra-ordinary feats through the power of God.

The venue for this particular healing happened at Bus Stop Ministries, a breakfast served to the homeless every Tuesday morning hosted at Denver Community Church. It’s the love of Jesus expressed through willing followers to fulfill the Great Commission through preaching the truth of the gospel in love while meeting the physical and spiritual needs of Denver’s homeless.

Mark 16:18 tells us that miracles, signs and wonders will follow all those who believe. In fact, Christ commissions us to lay hands on the sick and we are told that they will recover. According to this passage, this should be conventional Christianity- not extraordinary.

So What Can You Do?

The good news is that loving a person as Jesus loved doesn’t require a doctorate in theology, although helpful. The focus is not on seeing signs, wonders and miracles. Miracles have one purpose- to point to Jesus. Look to Jesus and you’ll see miracles. Do as Jesus did, pray as Jesus prayed, love as Jesus loves. If you want to see the sick healed, you have to pray for them. Start with those around you. What do you have to lose? Keep your eyes on Jesus and watch deaf ears open and blind eyes restored!