William-OwensIn life we will offend and be offended. The question is will you forgive and be forgiven. The entire crux of the Christian experience is built on forgiveness. I pray these words give you liberty to embrace the power we have in Christ alone to… forgive.

By William Owens


For me to live is to forgive
For me to rise
to thrive
to be the person God made me
My heart must be ever so free
Of fault toward others
No matter what they’ve done or do to me.

The life I live must express more than eye can see
Hands can feel
Ears can hear
Nose can smell
Heart can tell

The traps are set
The bait reflects
The scent attracts
Feeding on my wounded heart
My Clouded mind
My stubborn will
Refuse to see the truth
I remain blind
Blind to a healing place
A new beginning
A freedom from the gnawing pain of slaps against my face
Of rejections of my soul
Of denial of my existence
Because of my uniqueness
My smile
My gift
My voice
And even my race

It’s time to stop
Exit this trap
Get off this ride
Give it no slack
As I dare to hope and dream
It grabs my neck
And yanks me back

I ponder back and forth
Seeking for a door
A hole in the floor
A crack in the wall
A window to escape the pain
A prisoner possessed with possessions
But not sane
How can I breath
How can I Live

….i must forgive

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Owens has over two decades within the publishing industry and he has written 8 books. He has a passion for God's Kingdom, prayer and writing.